About Us

Annai Trust was initially estabilished in the year 2014. We can help you to get housing loan from the bank. We distribute note books for the the school children for nocost. We have the amenity of providing loan for women, for low interest and by easy emi. We also help to generate, to transmit the amount and also restrict entry of outsiders.

How it Works

Our Network System consists of 16 Grades in total, each Grades has its respective Club names. For instance : 16th (Grade) - Ruby (Club name) . A member cannot be a part  of the Ruby Club immediately after joining, You have to add two more members (Left - 1 & Right - 1) in the Network. Once you have become a member of Grade 16 after adding two more members (Left - 1 & Right - 1), you  will be receiving any of the two offers among the three (Stipend, Loan, Gift). It may differ accoding to your Grade in which you are in.For Instance : For Grade 15 :- Stipend 600, Loan Rs.5000 and for Grade 4:- Stipend Rs. 52,000 x 24 months, Gift Bike Fund Rs. 70,000.

You will be receving stipend with the inclusive of GST. You will be getting into the higher Grade by adding member. For Ex: If you have added 4 members (Left-2 and Right-2 ) in the Network, you will be upgraded to Grade 14. Atlast the person who is in the first Grade (Join Director - JD) will be receiving 0.1% Share of total amount company receive every month.

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